The whole development process was guided by our goal to bring the interior of the house together with the surrounding world. How can one be part of a sunset, a snowstorm or an autumn storm?

Our goal was to create a clean-lined building in Scandinavian style that adapts to different needs and locations. It has a strong Finnish presence. The experience is born from the combination of see-through views and strong surface materials.

Openable glass walls reaching from the floor level up to the ceiling create open views into nature. Large terraces in one level create a sense of continuity. The first prototype of this collection was designed to be built on a tiny island close to Porkkala. The view is an amazing 360 degrees. We started from the idea of a glass cube.

Scandinavian clearness also defines the floor plan of the villa. The heart of the villa is the kitchen, located next to the entrance, and from there you can see the entire open interior and the surrounding sea. I like to think the kitchen island is like a DJ’s desk – the atmosphere of the whole interior space is created right there. To guarantee the privacy and soundproofness of the bedrooms, they are located in the outermost corners of the villa, separate from each other. They too have one wall completely made of glass.

To make the battened external walls coal black, we developed a special technique based on Japanese traditions.

We have paid extra attention on the details of the villa. Not a single molding can be found in the entire building. The doors have a hidden frame and they too reach from the floor to the ceiling. Drama and strong feeling are created by massive wooden surfaces and their color choices – snow white lacquer on the floor creates a contrast to the dark walls.

In the evening, the atmosphere changes with different lighting schemes that can be timed to be in sync with nature.

The project was awarded at the International Property Awards 2019.