The heart of the whole building is the sky high atrium hall which brings the employees and the visitors together. The multiuse space works both as a showroom and event space and it can be divided into many different ways to suit the varying needs from small gatherings to huge entertaining customer events.

All three Kesko’s strategic business areas from grocery trade, building and technical trade to car trade are showcased along the visitor path food being the most exposed item. Along the customer path which takes you from the check-in counter to the waiting area you can get behind scenes views to the Demo-kitchen and broadcasting-studio through the class walls for example. All the spaces are meant to be multiuse;  the demo-kitchen can be converted into a bar in the evening and the employee restaurant in the first floor can be used as working café outside the lunch hour.

To encourage even accidental encounters in the heart of the atrium there is a cafeteria which can be used both by the employees and the occasional visitors.

We’ve been happy to learn that not only the visitors have been impressed but the employees have commented the result as a five star working place.