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Extra Services

1. dOne – project management service 2. Library – project management tool 3. Furniture design 4. Space Alive – mood changing space concept


Consider it dOne!

dOne helps customers turn their interior design plan into reality. We offer all services needed at the execution stage, from coordinating purchasing channels to organizing and overseeing the project, as well as full-service packages within your budget.

We can find and compare the best suppliers and vendors in the industry and oversee progress at the construction site, ensuring everything goes according to plan. We can also help calculate the costs during the design phase to speed up decision-making.

Our goal is to ensure that the project execution runs smoothly and that the final result matches the design blueprints, so that you can concentrate on your own business.

dOnes website

dSign Library

Digital platform for co-creation.

dSign Library is an easy to use project management tool, which provides an intuitive and up-to-date overview of the state of your project. The platform gathers all the latest and most relevant project developments, including pictures, videos, and discussions, in a centralized place, so that everybody involved knows what is going on. dSign Library is a communication tool made for co-creation and also unlocks remote working possibilities.

Space Alive

THe concept of moving spaces.

’The whole concept has started from boredom. I noticed that all of us designers choose the same floors, walls, and lighting. I got tired of it. That’s why I started to develop the idea of a space that is alive.’

-Vertti Kivi

The Space Alive is a concept where the idea is to get the spaces moving. It works with small remote-controlled motors. From your own smartphone, laptop or iPad, you can change the mood of the entire room, starting with the lighting.

Furniture Design

Multi-sensory furniture design

We at dSign have designed furniture from thousands of ship fixtures to loose furniture sets for production. In our innovative furniture design, we strive to make a practical yet stylish impression.

Launched in the fall of 2020, the MyFlow furniture family that Vertti designed for Isku was a dream project. The goal was to design a family of office furniture that could easily create a consistent look and good energetic feel for any workspace. There was a clear need for the collection, as many offices often a fragmented look due to the fact that the interior is assembled from parts of different collections.

The most important thing in the products is the finished details. They tell you about quality and differentiate the best from mediocre. MyFlow is all about the details. The entire collection is available with antimicrobial materials, where the contact surfaces prevent the growth of microbes.

Because of the fact that we live with multiple senses, the design of MyFlow was not limited to the visual and tactile senses.  A unique song and an energizing scent have also been designed for the collection.