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Multi-sensory furniture design

We at dSign have designed furniture from thousands of ship fixtures to loose furniture sets for production. In our innovative furniture design, we strive to make a practical yet stylish impression.

Launched in the fall of 2020, the MyFlow furniture family that Vertti designed for Isku was a dream project. The goal was to design a family of office furniture that could easily create a consistent look and good energetic feel for any workspace. There was a clear need for the collection, as many offices often a fragmented look due to the fact that the interior is assembled from parts of different collections.

The most important thing in the products is the finished details. They tell you about quality and differentiate the best from mediocre. MyFlow is all about the details. The entire collection is available with antimicrobial materials, where the contact surfaces prevent the growth of microbes.

Because of the fact that we live with multiple senses, the design of MyFlow was not limited to the visual and tactile senses.  A unique song and an energizing scent have also been designed for the collection.


Ceo, head of design