When Kemira, a Finnish chemical industry group, started to plan moving their Helsinki headquarters to a brand new, upgraded office, the company had two bright aims in mind. The main target was to update the company’s working culture to meet the needs of today, and the new interiors played a crucial role at promoting this. Secondly, it was now time to modernize Kemira’s visual identity and office brand.

The design process was conducted by dSign in close cooperation with the Kemira personnel. The long-term commitment of the both parties ensured that the final result was carefully tailored to fulfill all the goals and needs of Kemira successfully.

The spectacular atrium in the heart of the building was designed to work as the hub of interaction, bringing together people from different teams and departments. The rest of the multi-space office spirals around the atrium beautifully, encouraging spontaneous interaction to happen both horizontally and vertically. The warp and woof of the design was to create a sense of community by thoughtful interior solutions.