Designing the hotel of 26, 500 m2 which comprises 202 rooms in 15 different styles, an executive lobby, one restaurant, a bar, a spa, a gym and a conference center with the largest venue location in town, has been a huge project which was started already in 2012.  Interior architect Vertti Kivi counts that his agency has spent more than 10,000 hours designing it.

Nowadays customers seem to expect new experiences and a bit of fantacy even from chain hotels. Some customers stay in hotels only to test the latest design trends or to look for decoration ideas for their own homes. This is what makes designing a hotel even more interesting than before, states Mr Kivi.

Although the company has designed more than 2,000 projects this was one of the most challenging ones. The great expectations of novelty and renewal had to be balanced with the carefully protected Hilton brand.

The stylish colour scheme of the hotel consists of black, gold and beige in different hues. Clever lighting solutions and luxurious material choices add to the impressive look of the hotel. There are several unique design elements like the lighting installation at the high lobby and the curved reception desk with changing mood lighting. Special attention has also been paid to the design of the signs, wall panels and floor graphics which together guarantee the unique look of the hotel.

It has been great to get to design a top level hotel like the Hilton in Tallinn which is one of my favourite destinations, confesses Mr Kivi.